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Bob's Coming Home

Tuesday, 19 July 2011 10:12 by MaryL

I received a call from Sugar Land Pet Hospital and Bob is ready to come home. 

I didn't have Bob very long before he left us and I want to share with everyone what a great guy he was.  From the first time I set eyes on him I thought he was great.  He was a really big guy and his fur was in pretty bad shape but he was really cute.  I called him Bob the Bear because he looked like those bears you see on Animal Planet coming out out hibernation after a long winter's nap.  His hair was splochy and a mix of red and black.  But his eyes were bright, alert and intelligent.  And his tail never quit wagging!  He was the happiest old guy that I think I've ever had. 

He stayed at the vet for several weeks when he first came in because of his hernia.  I would visit him when I was there and I really wanted to be his foster (he was a black pug after all).  When we took him outside to potty he would just lumber around (I did say that he was a pretty big guy) and then when it was time to come back in he would follow us right back in.  His surgery was scheduled for a Monday and I took him home for the weekend so he could be in a home.  There was a very real chance that he may not make it through the surgery so Bob got whatever he wanted all weekend.  He didn't really play much but he was really aware of everything going on around him, he didn't miss a thing.  He loved to just lay on the big, green cushion in the corner and watch the world go by.  When I called him he would come over to the couch and I would pick him up to lay next to me.  He would roll over on his back and put his big, very big, belly up to be rubbed.

When it was time go go to bed I decided to see how he would react to being in a human bed.  When he saw that it was time to go to bed and we were going into the bedroom he jumped up (well maybe not jumped) and went right into the room and stood by the bed waiting for me to pick him up.  When he was in bed he just flopped down and was out for the night, he knew exactly what that bed was for.

Bob came through his surgery with flying colors and within a few days was home and acting just fine.  He started to lose a little weight and was walking more and waddling less.  He seemed to be really happy.  Then one day I noticed that he seemed to be having some trouble with his eyes.  He acted like he was sensitive to the light so I took him in and it was discovered that he had dry eye.  He had started coughing a little so he got medicine for his eyes and for his cough.  Over the weekend he seemed to be doing much better, his eyes were less sensitive and his cough was mild.  When I came home from work on Tuesday something had really gone wrong during the day, he was breathing very hard.  I called Cindy and made arrangements to take him into the doctor the next morning.  I still wasn't overly concerned because he still seemed to be happy (tail was wagging) and alert.  When I dropped him off at the vet he walked to the back with his tail wagging all the way.  That is the last time I saw Bob.

Bob was a wonderful old guy!  He was loving and a great companion.  He was never far from my side and loved to be petted.  He didn't act like he was as old as he was and had such bright, alert eyes!  I'll probably always wonder what if but that won't bring him back.  Fostering can be a really hard thing to do at times.  This is one of them.  But everyone who has lost a foster knows that this is part of the process.  The ones that are saved far outnumber the ones that are lost.  Bob wasn't with us for long but he was loved and cared for while he was and that makes it a little easier to bear.  He didn't die alone and forgotten, he was loved! I'll bring Bob home today.



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