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Sunday, 21 March 2010 07:20 by cindyr

PugHearts has successfully placed over 400 pugs into loving and caring forever homes. Some of these adoptive families keep in touch. We love to get updates and photos of our fosters after they have found the permanent love and life that they have been looking for. This is one of the things that makes fostering easier. The happiness, love and pure joy of both the foster pug and the members of the adoptive family.

We added another success story to our files yesterday. Noel and Eric were adopted into a forever home together. This is even better than normal, as they had been foster brothers together as well. They will now be brothers forever. Congratulations boys!  Congratulations also to the foster family. These were their very first fosters and they did a great job.



The boys were adopted near the home of 2 of my personal favorite fosters. Now, this does not mean that I do not love all of the fosters that have come through my home. There are just certain ones that really get in into your heart and take a piece of it with them forever. So, I called the adoptive family for Nicholas and Torrey last night to see if they might be home. THEY WERE! and they were gracious enough to tell me to come on over. Needless to say....I did. Special thanks to Nick and Torrey's family for allowing me this pleasure. I was like a kid at Christmas getting to see them.

For those who may be new with us. These fosters were really special.

Nicholas came to us the day after Christmas 2008. He had sarcoptic mange, severe heartworms, his eyes were crusted over from gunk and infection and his skin was infected from scratching and living on the streets. I thought he was beautiful from the first moment. He had the most serene and happy demeanor. Nicholas loved everyone. He spent over 8 months with me getting well, strong and ready to go to his forever home. I cried all the way to their house and all the way back home. It was a perfect place for him and I am so glad they love him like I do. He looks beautiful now, just as I pictured he would all that time ago. This is Nicholas as he looked in my home just before he was adopted.

Torrey has an equally sad story to her time with us. Torrey was living in a neighborhood getting by as best she could. The people knew she was there, but no one did anything to get her to safety. Torrey was scared of everyone and everything. Alica and Dack went to the neighborhood when we were notified about her being there. They had to chase her for a long time. She was finally cornered in a person's garage and caught. Torrey promptly bite Dack when he grabbed her and then totally relaxed in his arms as if to ask him: "What took you so long to come?" That is Torrey...a true character. She took some time to learn to trust, but found my husband an easy touch for treats and adopted him. Torrey had been chronically dehydrated from living as a stray and her kidney values were outside of normal. We worked with her for some time before we spayed her, as we were concerned about what would happen if she was sent to surgery. Torrey was placed on a special kidney diet and I am happy to report that her kidney values are now coming in to the normal ranges. Torrey is now busy running her home and making sure all the people (and Nicholas) are doing things the right way. This is Torrey as she was during foster care.

So, why do I tell you all this story? Well...first it is a request for updates and pictures of the successes. We love to hear from our babies after they are adopted and settled into their forever homes. Second...I love for everyone to see the results of all the hard work, tears, money and time that go into the daily operations of PugHearts. We have to make some tough decisions for these needy babies. Some of these decisions are good and some are terribly hard. We do not always win for them. PugHearts has lost the battle for several of our fosters recently. The losses were hard and they hurt. Briscoe, Captain, Ivey, Ashley and Allison are missed. I wanted some good news.

We are so grateful that there are so many people and families out there that love these babies as much as we do. Thank you to all of the families that have adopted and love our PugHearts fosters. You make this work worthwhile.

Remember we are always in need of donations, adoptions, and support to make the fairy tale possible for the next pug that needs us.


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