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It's Coming

Friday, 30 October 2009 13:42 by cindyr

All of us at PugHearts are starting to get really excited. The big fundraiser is coming soon.

November the 8th PugHearts will be having a great party at Blanco's on West Alabama.
We will have delicious BBQ, a live band to keep things moving, silent auctions to satisfy your shopping needs and many, many pugs that need help and homes.

Please come out and join us as we eat, visit, have a lot of fun and raise some much needed funds for the pugs.


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Wednesday, 14 October 2009 12:16 by ChrissieP

We have been getting a lot of questions recently as to how our Fritz is doing. We are happy to report that he is recovering and doing wonderfully! If you aren't sure who I'm talking about, visit our home page and scroll down until you see his story. Here are some before and after pictures!

Fritz before:

Fritz after:

Doesn't that just put a smile on your face? This is the reason we do what we do. This is what all your generous donations go towards. Helping poor babies like Fritz have a second chance at a happy, healthy life. Thank you so much from everyone at PugHearts!


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Today my life was changed

Tuesday, 6 October 2009 00:49 by cindyr

Three years ago today, my heart was being ripped from my chest and I could barely breathe. Today is the 3 year anniversary that Alfie (then Charlie Brown) was adopted by Richard and Robbi. For those of you that know me well, you know this story. I want to tell the story for those of you that are new to PugHearts.

I have been thinking about Alfie so much lately. I miss him just as much today as I did the day we lost him. I was privledged to have been allowed to spend the last ferw months of his life with him. I almost missed it and that would have been a shame. He was perfect.

Charlie Brown came to me as a foster. He was about 10 and in very poor health. I was not sure he would survive to even be adopted out. He was very thin, scared, did not see well and had the worst breath ever. I thought he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was in love instantly. Charlie and I had the worst first night EVER. He screamed for 9 hours straight. It did not matter if I held hi or not...if he was crated or not...if he was on the bed or not...or even if he was with the other dogs or not. I sat with him and cried that he was so upset, scared and sad. I sat on the floor of the bathroom and cried with him. Charlie got his name because I kept telling him it was going to be a good life from here on out. Boy, I had no idea how right those words to him would be.

I recieved a call that he was to be adopted and the adoption coordinator was coming to pick him up. I told them NO. I wanted to know where he was going and to meet them. I was told no. We had many words regarding this and I refused to let them have Charlie. Finally, I was told that I could go meet the family and finalize the adoption, but I could not contact them again after that day. I agreed and told them they would have to be perfect fo me to leave him there. I am happy to say that they were perect for him. I walked out that door crying so hard that I could not see. All I could tell my husband was "just drive". I cried almost non-stop for a week. No one was allowed to say his name or ask about him. I just could not take it.

His family named him Alfie.

I am happy to say that Ricahard and Robbi had a webcam for the pugs. I became a cyber stalker of Alfie. I would log on and watch him laying there for hours. It really became a bit sick and twisted. I finally called them to ask how he was doing and see if I could just see him. I was not going to foster anymore, as it was too hard. Robbi was so generous and was happy to give me updates and offered to let me see him. I jumped at it. Richard met me in a park with Alfie. Alfie never toushed the ground that day. I was in heaven.



This meeting was in January of 2007. PugHearts was "born" on February 14, 2007 when we went live on the internet.

I was honored to have been allowed to spend the last few months of Alfie's life as a part of it. He was loved and adored by his family. They gave him everything that he needed. They made him whole, healthy and (most important) loved beyond words. Thank you both for loving him like he so deserved.


I am honored to be the director of PugHearts. I will always remember Alfie and hope he looks down on us and is pelased with his result.

PugHearts is his legacy. It was his love that grew to allow us to rescue 446 pugs to date.

Thanks Alfie. I love you, always!

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