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Monday, 26 March 2012 11:14 by emilyw

The Pugs will be at Pup-A-Palooza at the Meadowlake Pet Resort on Saturday 4/7/12.  This event is outdoors and will run 9am-5pm.

there will be lots of fun booths and events going on throughout the day:

- 2012 North American Appraisal Tour presented by Boerboel International
- Houston area rescue groups with adoptable dogs
- DockDogs Diving Extravaganza by Heart of Texas DockDogs
- Fun Weight Pull by Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue
- A Houston Frisbee Dog Demonstration
- Canine Good Citizen Testing
- Low cost vaccinations by Spay/Houston
- $15 Microchipping by Spay/Houston
- Vendor booths and activities for the entire family!
- Dog Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

go do for more details.

Meadowlake Pet Resort is located at:

13500 Furman Road
Houston, tx 77047

We hope you and your family can make it out! 

Paws in the Park - Pearland Texas - 2 DAY EVENT

Monday, 19 March 2012 07:39 by emilyw

The Pugs will be out at the 18th annual Paws in the Park benefiting the Pearland Animal Adoption Center.  This is a 2 day event with lots of fun stuff to see and do!  It runs 10am-4pm Saturday 3/31/12 and Sunday 4/1/12. 

Paws in the Park is located at Independence Park

3919 Liberty Drive
Pearland, Texas

Admission and onsite parking is free!

Some of the activities going on at Paws in the Park:
Exhibitor Booths
Flyball Demos
Pet Contests (Pet & Owner Look-a-Like, Best Costume, Best Pet Trick, Best Pet Name and the I'm So Ugly That I'm Cute Award) beginning at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 31
Pet Fashion Show at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 31
Obedience Training
Microchipping and enrollment provided by Westside Veterinary Hospital
Pearland's Police K9 Unit
Pet First Aid & CPR
Agility Demos
On-Site Pet ID Tags
US Dog Disc Nationals

go to for more details.

We hope you can come out and join us!!!

Pugs on the Patio - 3/24/12

Wednesday, 7 March 2012 07:58 by emilyw

The pugs will be at The Club at Falcon Point on 3/24/12 from 8am to 1pm!  This event is a PEOPLE ONLY event (foster pugs by invitation only).

The Club at Falcon Point
24503 Falcon Point Drive
Katy, TX 77494

Come hang out with the pugs, enjoy the $8 Breakfast Buffet, and talk to training expert and owner of the Canine Country Club - Jeff Murphy!

We will also have a silent auction set up help raise much needed funds for PugHearts.

Help us make this event a success!!!!!  We hope you all can make it!!!

VOLUNTEERS PLEASE NOTE - there is a dress code for this event.  You will need to be in casual gold attire - collard shirt and NO jeans.  Cindy will let you know if you need to bring your foster pug - we can only have 5-6 dogs at this event.

Oklahoma Pug Rescue

Monday, 5 March 2012 22:30 by karenr

On Thursday, March 1, PugHearts was contacted by Homeward Bound to help care for 32 pugs who were rescued from a hoarding situation. 

The story got significant news coverage in the Oklahoma City area.  KOCO news story.  

We were at a fundraising event for PugHearts and CAP that evening and began brainstorming about how best to help.  Keith Hall suggested that he could call local commercial rental companies and see if someone would donate the use of a van to facilitate the trip.    First thing Friday morning he got on the phone and spoke to Ann Rawlinson at PV Rentals who donated the use of a brand new cargo van for the trip.


The cry went out for volunteers to make the trip and help with supplies via Facebook and I soon got my co-pilot:  Becky Roark.  She was selected first from the many who offered to help because she was available first on Friday afternoon to pick up the vehicle and give her drivers license for the paperwork in person.  It may have been poor planning on our part:  the two shortest volunteers to climb in and out of the tallest vehicle either of us had ever driven! sugarland smiles

Saturday morning Becky and I loaded up the van in my driveway and headed to Sugarland Pet Hospital to pick up donated crates, harnesses and supplies. By 11 AM we were all smiles and ready to ride!

sugarland van

oklahoma van

By 5 PM we made it to Oklahoma!

By 8 we were checked in to the LaQuinta in Norman, OK, and got directions to the puppies’ location from Gail, the director of Homeward Bound.  She was very apologetic about not being able to be there in the morning, since she had an adoption scheduled.  She gave us the sad news that one of the puppies we were scheduled to pick up had just died.  We were so sad, but were ready to hit the road Sunday morning at 8 AM.

We then drove to Dana Scott’s beautiful ranch in Blanchard, OK.

ranch view

pups in blanchardThe younger puppies were crated in a beautiful sunroom, while the older ones were just outside in a fenced run where Dana was letting them go potty and enjoy the morning sun.

We had already decided the puppies were all to have candy names.  These are the four older pups (about 20 weeks). 

Top:  Bazooka

Middle:  Godiva and Hershey Kisses

Bottom:  Goober.







littles blanchard

The little pups:

Top:  Skittles

Middle:  Reese’s

Bottom:  Baby Ruth



Then we had to put harnesses on each one, picking the right size from our selection.   Later in the trip we would be glad we had a “handle” for each pup!  Here is Jujube (a shy, scared, young adult) getting pretty in pink:

jujube harness

dana scott and gooberDana had to say goodbye to each of the puppies.  Here she is with Goober.


Dale helped carry the pups to the van, where Becky and I started to make the first of many climbs in and out of the tall doors.  Finally we were all loaded up and ready to ride!van inside at blanchard

loaded in blanchard

baby ruth lapWe were worried about the smallest puppies, especially the little black female, who was quite lethargic and dehydrated.   We named her Baby Ruth.   Dana said she was the only one who didn’t drink that morning.  After a phone conference with Cindy, we made a stop at the closest Petsmart and got some puppy replacement milk and an eyedropper and got her to take about 5 droppers full.  I held her on my lap in the sun while Becky drove.

After an hour or so, Baby Ruth perked up and started looking around.becky n baby ruth

When we made it to Texas an hour or two later, we stopped for the first potty break, setting up our x-pen at the Texas welcome rest stop.

pen tx

The older pups all went potty and had a drink; then they wanted to play.   The two bigger fawn males, Goober and Bazooka, were VERY interested in JuJube, who is probably in heat.  Although she was still very shy with us, Jujube started to play with her male admirers!

jujube bazooka txjujube goober tx

jujube play tx2jujube play tx

Baby Ruth and Reese’s just kind of huddled together, while Skittles seemed the strongest of the little ones.  He sat up and was interested in the goings on, but did not participate.

reeses and baby tx

skittles tx2hershey n skittles tx

Godiva (she’s pretty and knows it; a bit of a diva) and Hershey (KIsses):

godiva closeup txHershey closeup

Bazooka who also has an injured eye:

bazooka closeup

Then it was time to load back up (did I mention how short we are and how tall that van is?).  We made it through Dallas, where we determined I’m a better navigator than Becky is.  We made no wrong turns on the way up, but missed the exit from I35-E to I45 twice coming home, allowing us to tour downtown Dallas on a sunny Sunday afternoon!.

Around this time the little ones started to vomit.  Each time, Becky crawled out of her front seat, into the back, took the little ones out of their crate (did I mention how handy those harnesses were?), changed the potty pads and put them back in.

We made the next stop in Centerville.  The bigger pups had lots of fun, and all drank and went potty as soon as released in the pen.  The little ones still looked pitiful, so they all got more milk by dropper.  Skittles was starting to look worse than at the last stop; his eyes had a discharge and he was less alert.  Reese’s and Baby Ruth both walked around a bit, which we found encouraging, although they are both so skinny it breaks your heart.  The bigger pups knocked over the milk can, and tried to lick every blade of grass with milk on it so we decided to feed the bigger pups some kibbles, which they all enjoyed.

skittles centervilleskittles centerville milkbazooka.

bazooka and gooberbaby ruth n reeses centerville

We changed potty pads in all the crates and loaded the babies up one at a time.  That van step is even taller carrying a wiggle-worm puppy!  Becky and I commiserated about aching knees and decided the next time we would bring along someone younger to climb in and out!.

Around Huntsville, the diarrhea started.  At least we were smart enough to reload the three sick little ones in a crate on the other side of the van so the door opened towards the front, making the pad changing a bit easier for me than it was for Becky.  By then it was getting dark, so  I sat on the floor in the back with a flashlight since we couldn’t figure out how to turn the dome lights on, and kept changing pads as each one got sick.  I think I’ll burn the jeans I was wearing rather than try to clean them (and they didn’t even have paint on them)!

We finally pulled into Sugarland Pet Hospital where we offloaded the three sick little ones to get some emergency subcutaneous fluid, and took the rest to their foster home in Katy which had an isolation room all set up.

We made it home about 10:30 PM.  It was one of the longest, most rewarding days of my life!

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St Patty's Day Pug Party - 3/17/2012

Monday, 5 March 2012 14:39 by emilyw

The pugs are excited for St. Patrick’s Day and to celebrate they will be showing off their green at Chippendale Eastlake Antiques in the Heights, Saturday 3/17/12 from 11-4pm!  This will be an outdoor event, but the tents will be up!! 

Please come out and party with the pugs for St. Patty’s day!!!

Chippendale Eastlake Antique
250 West 19th street
Houston, TX 77008

It will be St. Patrick's Day so make sure you and whoever you bring are in GREEN!!!!

Natural Pawz West U - Sunday 3/11/12

Thursday, 1 March 2012 10:20 by emilyw

The pugs will be back at Natural Pawz West U on 3/11/12 from 11am-4pm.  Please come out and party with the pugs.

Natural Pawz West University
4032 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77025

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"Spring Has Sprung" YAPPY HOUR - Benefiting CAP and PugHearts of Houston

Thursday, 9 February 2012 07:38 by emilyw


Please join us all for the "Spring has Sprung" Yappy Hour benefiting CAP and PugHearts.  Located at The RAILYARD at 74200 San Felipe Housoton, TX from 6pm to 8:30pm.

There is a $10 admission donation that will benefit CAP and will include; entry to the event, 1 free drink, and great snacks!

There will also be HAPPY HOUR prices all night ~ PRIZE GIVEAWAYS ~ Fun stuff from HAUTE PETS ~ AND A SILENT AUCTION BENEFTIING PUGHEARTS!!!!!

Please come out and support 2 great groups at once!!!!!!

Popsee's Next Adventure

Tuesday, 13 September 2011 21:03 by CherylG

Tonight I, Popsee (aka Pauly D – the spray-tanned pug) visited a pet store for the first time. I’ve been settling in nicely to my new foster home with two very accommodating foster sisters, or better known to many PugHearts volunteers as the pug imposters (below). I had a wonderful time visiting my favorite garden earlier this evening, the one from my first adventure mentioned earlier in the blog when the nice lady came and picked me up from that place I was staying. I wanted to bring home some gifts to my foster sisters to thank them for letting me stay with them and asked my foster human to take me to get some rawhide chewies. Aren’t I a sweet thoughtful boy?

The pet store was full of so many good smelling things I just didn’t know what to sniff first! There were lots of people to lick and other dogs to say hi to. I was sure to meet everyone with a huge smile and as always, lots of kisses. I even impressed a lady so much on the way out who smelled like all the best things who liked me so much she said she’d seriously considering filling out an adoption application for me. My foster gave her a card and told her to go to the awesome PugHearts Web site,, to do so. I hope she does because I’d have a real brother of my own and a daddy with a really cool accent.

My foster takes me out on lots of walks and is trying to teach me to heal. It’s hard work because there are so many things to smell and see in my new neighborhood I just want to run everywhere. I’m fast and love to run around. I’ve got lots of energy to burn so I’m trying to be good but sometimes you just gotta be a puppy, know what I mean? I've met lots of humans and they are all so nice and like me so much. My foster makes sure to tell them I'm looking for a forever home and a lot of them seem really interested. Paws crossed!!

Well it’s about time for me to take my foster human for her last walk of the night. My foster sisters loved their chewies and we all had yummy treats tonight. I’m tuckered out so I need to go so I can get my human to bed. She has to get up early for our walk in the morning. It’s hard to train a human sometimes, but I’m working on that too!

I’ll be out at Natural Pawz in the Tanglewood/Galleria location on Saturday. Come out and say hi. I’d love to meet each and every one of you. I promise to save you some kisses. Maybe I’ll even chose you as my forever home. I’d love to have a place to call my own where I can run and jump, love on little and big humans alike, maybe even have a brother or sister like me.

See you soon. Hugs and kisses,


UPDATE: 2010 Heartworm Incidence Map

Sunday, 21 August 2011 10:23 by robbic

The American Heartworm Society has just released an updated Heartworm Incidence Map showing last years cases.  While we are thrilled to see there has been a reduction of case throughout the country we were horrified to discover that Houston is still one of the highest ranking for Heartworm cases in the country.  Come on Houston, lets show the rest of America we love our dogs enough to keep them safe.  

Please read my previous post here to see how you can prevent Heartworms.

Robbi C
Pughearts of Houston

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Popsee’s excellent adventure

Friday, 19 August 2011 20:59 by karenr

Three days ago I smelled something WONDERFUL!  I forgot about my people, I forgot about my yard, I forgot about everything but trying to get to what promised to be the BEST thing that ever happened to me in my short life.  Being a smart, manly dude, I managed to get out to find the origin of that wonderful smell and all the heavenly rewards it promised.  I looked really hard, and ran really fast (more about how fast I can run, later), but in the end all I managed to find were my people.  I didn’t understand, but they were really upset.  They put me in the car which was really exciting (I love car rides), but they took me out at a noisy place that was full of strangers barking, whining, and smelling of fear.  My people left me and a stranger took my picture (not my best…you can see it below) and put me in a cage with strange dogs barking, crying, and smelling above, below, and on both sides of me.

kennel card 2BARC

They were always mopping the floor and the cages with sharp-smelling water that made me sneeze and my eyes water.  My people were no where to be found.

I didn’t like that place.   I really didn’t like that place when they put me on a table and poked me with something sharp and put stuff in my eyes.  But I got kibbles…and I love kibbles. Three long days and nights I spent in that awful place and then today somebody came and put a leash on me and took me OUTSIDE!  Waiting for me was another stranger, but she smelled good.   Lots of happy doggy smells.  And best of all she opened her car door and I couldn’t wait to get inside.  I jumped from the ground to the seat in one big leap and then explored the front seat, the back seat, and a big space behind the back seat all in about 15 seconds.  Then the good-smelling stranger got in and I had to show her I like laps and give big sloppy kisses.

IMG_0374I went for a short ride.  I tried to drive, but the nice-smelling stranger wouldn’t let me keep my paws on the steering wheel.  I did manage to find several things on the floor to chew, though….  But then it was time to get out of the car and I saw a green fence and a big red gate.  I couldn’t WAIT for the nice-smelling lady to open the gate, so I tried to help her…showing how tall I can stand on my back legs, and how strong I can scratch.  But FINALLY she got it open, and inside was PARADISE.   And best of all, she took off the leash and I could show her how fast I can run!


There was water, fountains, and plants everywhere.  I took a drink after making two laps around the yard so I could reload to keep marking this great place!  The water felt so good on this hot day, I decided to see if I could dig it all out of the bowl.  The splashing water was really fun!

water closeupwater

And then I discovered I wasn’t alone in this garden.  There were two neighbors, but they were on the other side of a fence.  They were pretty friendly, though, so I gave them some good sniffs.  I minded my manners, though, and didn’t bark.


The nice-smelling lady kept following me with this big black camera, so I decided to pose for her.  First I gave her the pose I saw on TV when I watched the the dog show, and then I broke out my best close-up smile.


Then it was time to run again.


She managed to catch me a few more times, especially when she called my name.posing2


I visited the water bowl a few more times, digging until it was empty and I was all wet.  Then I decided it was time to go get some petting since she was sitting on the step.


See?  I can sit still too!  Aren’t I a handsome boy?  And my brown color is so special, especially when you compare with that ordinary pug on the other side of the door.  By the way, isn’t it time to meet the rest of the pack I’ve been smelling out here in the garden?

So then the lady opened the door and I got to sniff all these other dogs.  I bowed my head and looked away when the alpha bitch checked me out, and then I found a playmate to chase me!  Can this day get any better?

And then the lady put a harness on me and took me for another car ride!  But this time I couldn’t get out of the back seat since she tied the leash to the seat.  But I managed to stretch it out and get my front feet on the console so I could give her kisses and rest my head on her shoulder while she drove.  It wasn’t as much fun as jumping over the seats, but it was a longer ride, so that was OK.

Then we pulled up to a new place.  It smelled pretty good, too, and there were more nice people there. 


My nice smelling lady told the new people my name was Popsee, which sounded pretty good to me.  I gave her kisses whenever she said it to show my approval.  I got to go outside and potty and then I think I smelled kibbles!  This has been the best day.

P.S. from the good-smelling lady:  Popsee is heartworm negative, young, boisterous, and a very unusual color.  He’s all boy, and needs to be neutered so he’ll never try to find those wonderful smells again.  Want to continue his adventure in your home?

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