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Monday, 6 May 2013 13:28 by emilyw

PugHearts will be having a garage sale on saturday 6/1/13 from 8am to 1pm to help raise some much needed funds.  Our goal is to raise $2000 and we need your help!  We are looking for volunteers, buyers, and of course donations to sell!!!

Kara Humphrey has secured the indoor club house in the Woodedge Subdivision at 10403 Greencreek Houston texas off Jones and Greencreek between 1960 and cypress north Houston road.

Please let Emily Wolfe or Kara Humphrey via Facebook message if you can help in any way.

Donations should be in good condition and working order.  (please no broken items or tattered/stained clothing).  Also, if you are able to donate a large item please contact us in advance.  We would like to post on craigslist in advance.  If the item does not sell during the garage sale you will need to make arrangements to pick the item up.

We will try to get the most we can for your donated items, but are unable to guarantee a minimum price. 

You can also help by telling your friends, blasting on Facebook, posting flyers at work, or anything else you can think of.




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PugHearts GARAGE SALE 6/30/12

Tuesday, 19 June 2012 08:12 by emilyw

PugHearts is raising some funds to support the overwhelming number of pugs we have coming in right now with a good old fashion garage sale on Saturday 6/30/12 at the Woodedge subdivision club house off Jones Road (10403 Greencreek Houston 77070)

The garage sale will run 7am to 1pm and is INSIDE!!!!!   We need human volunteers to come and help and also people to come and shop or donate items.  (Please note:  this is a people only event to raise money we cannot have any of our dogs there). 

Any items that are not sold the day of the garage sale will be donated to another charity.

Kara Humphrey is graciously arranging everything for this fundraiser (thank you Kara!) so please contact her via Facebook with any questions.


Here are the directions:

Coming from 290 exit Jones, go right on Jones, cross over 1960, turn right on Greencreek ( u can only turn right) ( you will see the Crooked Ferrett bar on left). U will go thru 2 stop signs, clubhouse is on right after 2nd stop sign.  If u get to Cypress North Houston road at Jones u have gone too far.


Wednesday, 2 May 2012 08:08 by emilyw

The pugs will be at the Railyard located at 4200 San Felipe, Houston TX 77027 on Sunday 5/20/12 from 5pm-8pm for comradery and FUN-draising.  The Railyard is a great Houston bar that will be allowing the pugs to take over the porch!!!  The bar will also be open inside for those humans lucky enough to attend this event with their pug owners! 


There will be a $10 admission donation and 100% benefits PugHearts - you will also get a free drink from the Railyard as part of this donation!


Vida Tex-Mex Restaurant will be at the event with some tasty treats you can purchase if you get peckish.


You can bring your own dogs to this event, however due to City of Houston codes they cannot go into the bar, but we are hoping for a nice Sunday night!!!!!


Hope to see you all there!!!!  Should be a blast!!!!


Monday, 2 April 2012 08:30 by emilyw

Renowned animal photographer Robyn Arouty will be sponsoring a Pocket Shots event to benefit PugHearts on 5/12/12!!! 

If you haven’t heard of Pocket Shots you are in for a treat!  You get a 30 minute session with Robyn for you and your dog (or cat/rabbit/monkey/ect) for only $75 (+ $15 for every additional animal and person).  The best part is $25 of every sitting fee will go to PugHearts! 

There are only a limited number of slots for this event so make sure you sign up ASAP because once they are full that is it for the year! 

For more information on Robyn Arouty and Pocket Shots or to book your time now please go to:

PLEASE NOTE:  this event is by appointment ONLY.  These are private photo sessions and are not open to the public.

A Somber Summer

Monday, 25 July 2011 09:57 by richardc

PugHearts needs your help.  We are over-run with pugs that need us, and we do not have the funds or the foster homes to help them all.

For those of you who have followed us throughout the last 4 years, you know that we always need help but we don’t make a public appeal unless it is very serious.  Folks, it is very serious right now.

We are full to the brim and several thousand dollars in debt on our veterinarian bill.  We are not able to accept all pugs that are being asked of us.  We have had to close intake unless it is an extreme emergency.  We hate this, as we know there are people out there who will take their dogs to a kill shelter now rather than surrender it to us.  We hate it because it means we cannot help every pug.  But our resources are stretched too thin to be able to take every dog we are asked to take.

Of course this just happens to coincide with the busiest time of year for any rescue.  Summertime means people go on vacation and if they were considering getting rid of their dog, now seems the perfect time.  Also summer is when a lot of people move.  Lots of times their dogs don’t make the move with them.  And of course there are so many people suffering from financial difficulties who cannot afford to take care of their pets anymore.   It all adds up to far too many dogs being taken to shelters or given away.

We have also had quite a few pugs in lately that have needed a lot of medical care.  We have an alarming number of heartworm positive dogs coming in right now.  It’s gut-wrenching to see dogs that are so ill and will require costly and difficult treatment for something that is preventable by one pill a month.  If only someone had given these dogs preventative heartworm treatment.  But they didn’t, so now we have to put them through heartworm treatment to get them healthy so they have a chance at a new life. 

There has also been emergent care needed for several dogs.  Maksym came to us having suffered terrible heat stroke by being left out in the punishing Texas sun.  We tried so very hard to save him, but ultimately lost him to distemper.  (Again, all of his issues were avoidable – if only someone had cared enough about him.)  Bob was a wonderful little guy who came to us with a few issues, including a hernia which we had repaired.  But sadly he lost his fight when his heart simply stopped.  Vee came to us over-bred and dumped, needing emergency surgery to repair a severe vaginal prolapse.  Thankfully she is recovering and doing well.  Danny came to us as a cruelty case.  He has a severe spinal issue that makes it impossible for him to use his back legs.  As he is a senior, we know his chances of adoption are not great.  It’s so sad as he’s a lovely boy.  Then there’s Peanut.  This adorable young guy came to us from a local kill shelter with obvious mange.  Once he got to our vet, they realized he also had a fractured hip.  That was surgically repaired and he is expected to make a full recovery.  If not for PugHearts he would be dead right now because somebody didn’t want to pay for his treatment and didn’t care enough about him to find him a new home rather than take him to a kill shelter.

This is why PugHearts exists.  But this is also why we desperately need your help.  PugHearts has rescued nearly 800 dogs in the past 4 years.  We have no way of knowing how many of those would not be alive today if it weren’t for us, but you can be sure it is more than a couple of hundred.

People like you have made it possible for us to save lives.  We need you to dig deep and help us continue our fight.   Please donate today to help us be able to accept any dog that needs us.

Please make a DONATION - Please!

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